Surfing Buddies

Surfing Buddies

Ready for some freedom, creativity, connection & a heck-uv-a-lotta
fun in the sun?

Craving a change of pace? Looking for an awesome multicultural community that will make you feel like you “fit in” wholeheartedly – plus an awesome lifestyle that you’ve dreamed about… but never knew where or how it could happen?

Welcome to our home….in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. “Mi Casa es Tu Casa” – So come join us and find out how you can make Los Cabos YOUR home, too!  Whether you’re thinking of a visit or long term stay, we’re here to turn you on to the “real” people, places and activities that LOCALS like to do here in Los Cabos. :)

Below are just some of the characteristics and facts about Los Cabos:

  • Los Cabos is BEAUTIFUL ~ This beautiful ocean-desert paradise is located at “Land’s End”–at the tip of the Baja California Sur where one can view awesome sunrises on the Sea of Cortez and sunsets on the big Pacific–all within miles of one another in one day!

  • Los Cabos is FUN ~ Aside from all the water activities (boating, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, water flying, surfing, stand up paddling, sailing, whale-watching, swimming with dolphins, etc) and tourist activities (shopping, eating at fabulous restaurants, visiting fun bars, dancing, hanging at Cabo Marina, etc)… we personally enjoy meeting up with friends and having fun – eating sushi and ceviche, doing yoga on the beach, community gatherings and rituals, and attending local events, the Mercado Organica (farmer’s markets), the Art Walk, the Estuary, Cabo Pulmo marina; releasing baby turtles, swimming and camping at secluded beaches under the moon and stars, watching the sunrise...

  • Los Cabos is DIVERSE ~ Many Mexicans come from all over mainland the the Baja to live in Los Cabos. In addition, many gringos from Canada and the USA, as well as other parts of the world migrate and settle in Los Cabos – creating one of the most interesting and diverse communities in the world… blending tradition, culture and progressive folks together. In addition, as a result of the diversity, you will discover many cuisines from around the world!

  • Los Cabos is CREATIVE ~ Artist, musicians, yogis, raw foodists, organic farmers, ecologists, humanitarians, healers, small businesses and many other cultural creatives are united here along with the more affluent, progressive tourist-focused businesses and entrepreneurs in Los Cabos.

  • Los Cabos is MULTICULTURAL ~ The languages here are a blend of Mexican Spanish and English. One does not need to know Spanish to live or visit here, as most Mexican’s try to converse in English. Unfortunately, if you want to learn Spanish, it will take a litte longer to learn here, unless you surround yourself with Mexican friends who are willing to teach you conversational Spanish.

  • Los Cabos is FRIENDLY ~ Here in Los Cabos, it is custom for most progressive Mexicans and local gringos look into each other’s eyes as they pass, with a quick “Buenos Dia/Tardes/Noches” if formal, or “Hola!” (Oh-la!) when informal. When newly introduced, we typically greet with a hand-shake (more like a gentle hand-hold) plus a cheek kiss (usually on the right side) and oftentimes a brief hug. How’s THAT for being friendly?  We miss this tradition when we go back to visit the states!  And that’s only one example…

  • Los Cabos is MARINE & ECO-CONSCIOUS ~ Many generous volunteers are working hard to protect the delicate ocean coral and wild fish, dolphins, whales, turtles and land animals with a focus on preventing the loss of precious species and land through progressive building and ecological concerns.

  • Los Cabos is BENEVOLENT ~ We support numerous local charities in Los Cabos whose passion and purpose is to enhance the health and well-being of humans and animals — providing food, shelter and education for children and their families, as well as caring for and finding homes for lost, abandoned and sick or hurt domestic animals.

  • Los Cabos is SAFE ~ There is a very sweet blend of Mexicans and Gingos that live, work and play together in Los Cabos.  While petty theft, along with with smaller domestic burglaries may be common in the non-gated communities during the off seasons in Los Cabos (when the poor are most hungry – just as one would find in L.A. or other major US cities), in general crimes are extremely minimal and you’ll find Los Cabos to be one of the safest places to be in of all of Mexico. Thanks to the Feds and numerous road checks along the Baja pennisula and in La Paz at the ferry, drug cartels cannot enter into Baja California Sur… so we are well protected!

  • Los Cabos is AFFORDABLE ~ While Cabo San Lucas is known to have the most high end resorts in all of Mexico (thus, allowing for a more quality lifestyle) – you’ll find the cost of living most comparable to the western states (Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Dakota). Depending on your goals, you can live on the beach for free (short-term), share a house or rent a one-bedroom for as little as $3-4000 pesos ($275-350/mo USD) or rent a 3-bedroom with views in a gated community for about $11-15k pesos ($900-1250/mo USD). Or you can purchase a home anywhere as little as $120k, to $300k, to $1-5m USD.  Of course, it doesn’t end there… we toured through one amazingly beautiful home equipped with its own beach for $11m USD!

  • Los Cabos is EASY TO GET TO ~ Los Cabos is the perfect getaway and resort destination, as well as second home to thousands who live in the USA, Canada & mainland Mexico… for the very reasons that its easy to get to by plane, bus, ferry or vehicle! While some dedicated folks will travel further, many visitors and residents seek a destination that they can fly to within 2-3 hours. And while they come from many other states, most foreigners who settle full or part time in Los Cabos come from the northwestern states, including CA, OR, WA & BC, Canada. Thus, you can expect a more progressive gringo communities merging with the more progressive Mexican – creating the most creative, innovative, progressive, open-minded, health-conscious, heart-based multicultural community in all of the three countries put together! :)

  • Los Cabos is A SANCTUARY ~ Bottom line?  The diverse people, the awesome desert-ocean weather, the scenic beauty and sunrise/sunsets, the outdoor and ocean activities, the food and consciousness, and the overall energy of “Land’s End” contributes to the true definition of paradise — a place YOU will want to experience and become a part of.

We promise to surprise you with new announcements, highlighting the people who make a difference in Los Cabos and the surrounding Baja communities… So STAY TUNED by signing up for our newsletter and reading our blog and we promise to show you why We Love Los Cabos!



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