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 THE CABO NEXUS Cabo's first (& only) Online Resource Guide for connecting you up with local Cultural Creative professionals whose services aim to enhance the quality of your life.

Welcome to CABO NEXUS: an online Mecca for Integral People, Businesses & Communities who “Live To Give” in Los Cabos!

We Love Los Cabos SO MUCH that we wanted to not only show you how beautiful it is here in Land’s End Paradise, but also turn you on to one of the most amazing integrated, proactive, progressive, integral and professional communities in all of Mexico!

CABO NEXUS is about PEOPLE – who they are, where they go, what they do. It’s about Living the Alternative Lifestyle in PARADISE, exploring: Art, Music, Cultural Integration, Science, Land & Marine Ecology, Green Architecture, Natural Lifestyles, Healthy thinking, eating, being… Organic Foods, Conscious Relationships, and more!

Discover and connect with the Cultural Creatives and Integral Businesses…the “real” people whose talents, skills, services and products aim to enhance the quality of your life.

CABO NEXUS is for you, if…

…You like the idea of connecting with people of “like mind”  – who enjoy living a healthier, more conscious, proactive, integral lifestyle

…You like hanging at the beach, running, biking,  swimming, snorkeling, surfing, golfing on pristine golf courses, connecting with friends

….You desire to feel happy, healthy, connected, aware, energized, full of life… improve your relationships, enhance your business

….You enjoy living in the elements and care about animals, marine life, children, the earth, our water, the land, ocean and even the air that we breathe

….You’re curious about how to be more “eco-conscious” – have had thoughts of building your own organic garden, composting, purchasing and using natural products, supporting local businesses

…. You desire to learn more about vegan diets, raw foods and superfoods… and where to get them.

….You’re looking for excellent massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, relationship coaches, fitness and yoga instructors

….You desire to be part of a community that will always love and support who you are and enhance your quality of life

THIS is what CABO NEXUS is all about.

Keep in touch with us by letting us stay in touch with you!

Enjoy articles, blogs, local community events, activities, the special hidden treasures of Los Cabos — and everything fun under the sun!


Talented Artists a unique variety of amazingly talented people who create their own art via paintings, sculptures, batik, weaving, gems, jewelry, beauty products, textiles, sculptures and more.  We also have some fine-talented musicians, magicians, and quality entertainers in Los Cabos.

Cultural Creatives — these are intelligent, progressive, proactive individuals who are talented and skillful in the healing arts. Their goal is to “change the world” with their products, services and skills. Included in this list are Health & Wellness Practitioners, Fitness Trainers, Outdoor Sports Guides, Organic Farmers, Shamans, Raw Foodies, SUP & Surf, Yoga, Dance, Pilates and Martial Arts Instructors, Permaculturists, Marine Ecologists, Green Living Designers/Builders, Spas, Health-food stores, Vegan Restaurants, Boutique Hotels… plus local Charities that help the save the animals, children, turtles, marine life…and more!

Supporting Businesses — small business owners and local companies who support the mission, vision and organic purpose of CABO NEXUS, will receive special pampering! These include Restaurants, Hotels, Architects, Galleries, Grocery Stores, Fashion Stores… and more.

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 Note: While Cabo Nexus Online Mecca is currently “under construction.”
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