Our Favorite Beaches in Los Cabos Mexico

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Jill Marie at Santa Maria Beach at sunset…

At the tip of “Land’s End,” Los Cabos is known as having the most unique selection of beautiful beaches–all within a short distance from one another.

Whether you’re looking to surf the waves, kayak, snorkel, stand up paddle, jet ski, fish on the shorelines, swim to your heart’s content or just get a great tan in the tropical sunshine, there’s bound to be more than one beach that becomes YOUR favorite, as well!

Let us turn you on to our favorite beaches in Los Cabos Mexico …

MEDANO – This beach, which offers stunning views of Los Arcos, is one of the most popular beaches for those visiting Cabo San Lucas. It’s perfect for swimming, basking in the sun, eating or sipping a drink at one of the fun beach bars, like Mango Deck and The Office. It’s also the primary beach for all water sports and activities – so it’s ideal for the family and for meeting new traveling friends!

Tip: You can access Lover’s Beach from Medano Beach via boat taxi. Water activities can be purchased in town, along the marina and on the beach.

LOVER’S BEACH – located in the famous Los Arcos, this beach is primarily accessed by boat, kayak or SUP. Perhaps the easiest way is by boat taxi, which can be found at either Cabo Marina or Medano Beach. Taxi fees range $10-15 round trip per person. Other than a few independent vendors offering beer or wine and limited umbrella rentals, there are no activities or services at this beach. So if you plan to spend more than a couple hours there, be sure pack towels, a small cooler with plenty of fluids and snacks, plus snorkeling gear! Another way to start your day at Medano beach, then taxi over for a couple hours at Lover’s (or vice versa).

Tip:  Swimming or snorkling to Pelican’s Rock is fun, plus there are plenty of caves and arches to explore. Be sure to walk over to the Pacific side of the rocks, where you’ll find Divorce Beach but swimming is not allowed there, as the waves and undertow are far too strong and dangerous.

SANTA MARIA – Ok, so we admit… this little jewel is our favorites for snorkeling and swimming. Before the big G-20 came to Cabo (gathering of the world leaders in 2012), this little beach was a total secret to anyone but a few of us locals. Now a large highway sign shows you where Santa Maria is off the corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose.  If you enjoy semi-secluded horseshoe coves with coral-like, large pebble sand–this is the place to go.

Tip:  You can reach Santa Maria by bus, taxi or car. Bus stops right at the sandy road that you’ll need to walk down about 1/2 mile to the beach. There are no services, no palapas and few vendors at this beach (limited umbrella rentals). Bring snorkeling gear and a beach umbrella, just in case!

CHILENO – The next exit past Santa Maria is Chileno. There are quite a few beach palapa’s here – so if you like and need a cool, shady spot on the beach, this is the place to go. Great for kids, perfect for snorkeling and ideal for the handicap!  In fact, there are several handicap reserved palapas off a wooden walkway that leads to the waters.   Savvy handicap folks can hop into the complimentary beach wheelchair that allows you to wheel in and float in the waters!  This is new and something we can’t wait to show our handicap friends from the states! :)

Tip:  This beach is best visited early in the morning, before water snorkeling visibility is impaired and tour boats drive in.  There are no vendors or activities at this beach, but there is a toilet house with outside showers to wash off sea salt and sand before going back to your car.

PALMILLA - We recently found this beach and love it!  It has a semi-cove feel to it with large rocks breaking the strong incoming waves, making it a perfect swimming location for small children. In addition, there is typically a beach guard present to help you feel even more safe. You will drive past beautiful luxury homes and the world renown Jack Nicklaus Ocean Nine golf course to get to this mini cove and mile long beach.

Tip:  Local families enjoy this beach, especially on weekends. Arrive early to get a palapa – or be sure to bring your own umbrella. Pangas and fishing cruisers are available, but other than that there are no services, vendors or water activities at this beach.

COSTA AZUL – “blue coast” – For novice and experienced surfers alike, if you’re looking for a great surfing beach that’s close to town, this is the place!  Many surfing competitions take place here every year. Driving further east from Cabo, just as you enter San Jose, you’ll find surf shops that offer rentals and lessons, the world-renown Zipper’s restaurant, Cabo Surf Hotel and Mike Doyle Surf School.

Tip: The surf is bigger here during the summers, and the beach is good for snorkeling and swimming in the winter.  A word of caution for swimmers – keep an eye out for those surfers!

LA PLAYITA – “the little beach” – is actually a long-stretch of a beach where many locals and their families enjoy swimming and fishing off the shorelines.  There is a beach-front playground for children – perfect to enjoy a nice, fun, relaxed family outing. We have not explored this beach yet, but hear  that it’s a very peaceful beach away from crowds, yet close to the marina entrance; it has a roped off area for safe swimming, plus a natural open beach that’s perfect for those with skim-boards.  :)

Keep your eyes open for more blogs about our explorations of other fabulous Los Cabos beaches in the Baja Sur Loop, including…

  • Cerritos – another popular surf spot on the Pacific side
  • Las Viudas – “the windows” – private beach with small pools in the rock formations
  • La Playita – “the little beach” – where local families go to swim and fish off the shorelines)
  • Los Palmas – “the palms” – a beautiful hideaway beach filled with palm trees near Todos Santos)
  • … and many more along both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific rim!

NOW do you understand how Land’s End has become our true Pearl of Paradise?

Come join us!

:) Jill Marie

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Starting Over – Life Begins at 55!

Jim_carport2So, I turned 55 this year …and once again found myself starting over, reinventing myself and continuing to search for that elusive dream and euphoric lifestyle.

Since my perfect 25 year career with IBM ended in 2003, and my first wife and I decided to end our perfect 24 year marriage one month later, leaving me with a house and three teenage girls to care for — I’d been searching for happiness in that next perfect job, partner, home and life.

The truth is, I was searching for the next exciting opportunity to fill that deep empty space inside, thinking that would provide me true happiness!

Five years later, I was blessed to meet and marry my beloved soul mate, Jill Marie.  Ahhh, such blissful adventures! …And yet, once we got pass the initial (long) honeymoon phase, the anxiety settled back in again, along with the confusion and lack of clarity of who I was, where I belonged and what I was meant to be doing with my life. My mind became continually obsessed with one primary thought: “If I could only find the perfect job…”

Over the next 5-6 years in the face of a crashing economy, I failed to land that perfect long-term, secure job. The hunt forced us to relocate seven times in two countries!  With my wife’s continual optimism and encouragement, and willingness to “go with the flow,” I eventually landed a sales position that took us all the way down to Land’s End!

Waking Up To A New Reality

In very little time, we discovered Los Cabos was our dream home. And yet, I still had not quite found that perfect job!  Six months later, as the tourist season waned, I took on a new position as a sales manager with one of the largest real estate builders in Mexico. Nine months later, Homex stopped paying their employees and filed bankruptcy!

When this happened, something suddenly shifted inside me… I woken up to a whole new reality of what I was doing. I realized I’d been busy searching for something outside of myself all these years…. and at that moment, I knew that I needed to stop “searching,” altogether. Aha! The truth is, I already HAVE what I’ve been searching for… it was simply waiting for me to recognize and embrace it!

First of all, I’ve married my best friend, Jill Marie – a beautiful, talented, wise woman who is one of the most awesome supporters a man could ever have.

Secondly, I’m living an amazing lifestyle here in Los Cabos, Mexico –that, if you have not experienced it, should definitely be on your list of destinations to check out. Even more precious to us is San Jose — sister town of Cabo San Lucas.

Thirdly, I was actually “blessed” to have lost yet one more job – for soon afterwards, my IBM pension plan kicked in, giving me just enough cushion to realize the importance of following my passion - or doing as they say: living on purpose.

Pursuing My Life’s Purpose & Passion in Paradise

Over the years, Jill Marie and I had several talks about starting our own business together. Sounds intriguing: combining my MBA executive and business experience with Jill Marie’s marketing, design, branding and relationship expertise. The truth is, Jill Marie had been trying to help me start my own business since I lost my first job a month before we got married…

But now, it really makes sense. We work well together and make a great team. We’re both passionate and committed to being healthy and building strong, healthy, authentic relationships. We both have amazing skills for empowering others to be successful in their personal and professional lives. In fact, our vision is to create an online mecca for integral businesses and folks whose intentions are to help others live a happier, healthier, more abundant lives. These are people who “Live To Give!”  Of course, this mecca belongs to Los Cabos, California Baja Sur!

While I wasn’t quite ready to venture on my own, ever since we settled into this most amazing ocean-desert paradise, and I’ve had that amazing AHA moment — I can finally say that I am now as ready as I will ever be!

….I AM READY to let go of my old self-sabotaging, crippling beliefs, eliminating that which no longer serves me – taking that big leap towards living a more complete life filled with greater joy, peace and calm.

….I AM READY to think out of the box, to continue to be creative and innovative, to let go of what I (or others) think I should be doing (causing me to stress and worry about money) and replacing that with doing what I truly LOVE to do.

….I AM READY to trust that we are Divinely loved and cared for, that abundance is our birthright… and to accept that its not just up to me to make it all happen; yet it IS up to me to be clear of what I want, to set my intentions and take necessary ACTION steps to become that true Success Warrior (my wife’s nickname for me).

….I AM READY to live my passion, to be someone who LIVES TO GIVE – from my heart, mind, body and soul — and to utilize my professional skills and talents in ways that helps others get what they want and deserve in life… to expand their businesses and enhance their lives in all ways possible.

….I AM READY to make a difference, to leave a legacy, to create a deeper connection with my partner, my family and to this beautiful heart-based, multicultural community!

The truth is: the first half of my life I lived an illusion. What I thought was Real Success had nothing to do with how much I achieve in the outer world, but rather what I achieve in my inner world. I had finally woken up to the understanding that Real Success requires letting go of what we (or others) THINK we need to do and instead opening our hearts and minds to what we truly are most PASSIONATE about and making things happen!

As the world changes, and as you and I change – we might all eventually come to see that its not about doing it alone, either. It takes 100% commitment, perseverance and dedicated teamwork; the willingness to synchronize and integrate with those you love and appreciate in your life. For when we put our heads, hearts, integrity, intention, passion, purpose and visions together, we can achieve far more than any one of us could ever do alone.

That’s why I’m here, that’s what my passion is about and that’s what I am choosing to do  with my partner, family, friends, community… and with YOU.

So, the truth is I AM starting over …and life really does begins at 55!

~ Jim

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